Sport Opportunities

Water sports

Swimming and water exercise

Price for swimming and/or water exercises with Sports Pass (University Sports of Oulu) is 1,80 EUR in all 3 swimming halls in Oulu.

Indoor Swimming Pool, RAKSILA

Indoor Swimming Pool, RAATTI

Indoor Swimming Pool, VESI-JATULI
Discount with Sports Pass from Mon to Sun.

Normal prices for students 3,20 EUR and staff 5,50 EUR.

Discounts are valid so far.
Kempele Municipality/ZIMMARI recreation swimming hall
Lehmikentäntie 2, FI-90450 KEMPELE
Service point, tel. +358 50 316 9406

With Sports Pass (University Sports of Oulu) 10 times ticket price 30 EUR (students) and 35 EUR (staff).

Discounts valid until the end of August 2021.