Sport Opportunities

Sport courses

Sport courses

Nearly 100 different sport courses every year!

Four enrolment period in one year: two in autumn and two in spring.

Courses are available for all the students and staff of University of Oulu, OUAS and Oulu Vocational College. Also students and staff of other Universities can join.

Sports course info

How to enrol?
During each enrolment period a link is provided in order to register for a particular course. The link can be found in the course description. The enrolment is binding and you can't transfer the enrolment to another person. You have to be logged in to My OKKL page before enrolment.

It is possible to enroll for the courses that are going on and not full. In this case contact the sports coordinator of your school.

Did I get in?
The participants of the course are selected in enrolment order. The maximum number of participants can be found in every course description. If you are on the waiting list, you need to follow the situation. Under My OKKL-page you can see a list of all the courses on which you have enrolled. Before the course starts you will get the reminder via email.

How to pay the course fee?
Course fee is charged to cover part of the expenses for organizing the course. On your My OKKL -page you can see the payment information. The course must be payed before the course starts. Please take the receipt with you for the first time.

How to cancel the course?
If you can't participate the course you can cancel your enrolment during the enrolment period by contacting your school sports coordinator. Cancellations what is made after the enrolment period need a certificate (e.g. doctor’s certificate) in order for the course fee to be returned.

What if OKKL cancels the course?
Courses will be cancelled if there are not enough participants enrolled. Every course has its minimum participant number, so don´t pay it too early. If the course is cancelled by the organizer, the already paid course fees are refunded to you.


City centre
13.9.20 - 9.5.21Oriental Dance / Nada
19.2.21 - 26.2.21Squash Basic Course / Jimi
15.3.21 - 26.4.21Pair salsa basic course/ Henry
15.3.21 - 26.4.21Salsa intermediate course / Henryi
15.3.21 - 19.4.21Fitness Boxing basic course 1 / Jimi
17.3.21 - 21.4.21Modern dance, intermediate level / Miia
17.3.21 - 21.4.21Show dance, intermediate level / Miia
18.3.21 - 22.4.21Showdance basic course 2 / Vanessa
18.3.21 - 22.4.21Contemporary dance course for beginners 2 / Vanessa
18.3.21 - 29.4.21Power yoga basic course / Dimitar
19.3.21 - 26.3.21Badminton basic course / Jimi
16.4.21 - 14.5.21Running course / Jimi
7.9.20 - 26.4.21Fencing beginner´s course / Gautier
7.9.20 - 9.5.21Nearu Martial Art / Rouhollah
15.3.21 - 15.3.21Climbing basic course 2 (in English)
15.3.21 - 26.4.21Hatha yoga course, open level / Kaisa
17.3.21 - 14.5.21Shaoli Kung Fu course / Christopher
17.3.21 - 21.3.21Gymnastics course, open level / Reeta
17.3.21 - 21.4.21Disco dance basic course / Heli
17.3.21 - 21.4.21Showdance basic course / Heli