Sport Opportunities

Summer 2020 sports programme

Sports program between 18.5. - 6.9.2020. NOTE! Summer sports program is not in the Sports Calendar in the front page.

The Sports Pass for academic year 2019-20 or spring 2020 is valid for sports activities in summer also. In addition you can buy a Sports Pass only for the summer price 15 EUR:

University of Oulu:
You can buy the Sports Pass only for summer to your smartphone after 14.5. from

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK) and OSEKK:
Take contact to Student Union OSAKO: (korvaa # -> @)

Summer 2020 sports programme / Beach Volley

Information about summer programme is coming later.

OYUS Beach Volley is a part of the Sports Club of the University of Oulu. The club has 4 fields in Linnanmaa. The fields are located next to the university's southern parking area.

More information:

Summer 2020 sports programme / Golf

Virpiniemi Golf organizes golf courses during summer. Participation with Sports Pass price only 100 EUR / course.

Note! OKKL golf competition on Fri 11.9. starting at 14.00

Summer 2020 sports programme / Wellbeing

Keskuskatu 7, 90800 Oulu (Pateniemi)
Koulukatu 34, 90100 Oulu (city center)
(between at 8.00-16.00 from on Monday to Friday)

o Massages to the owners of Sports Pass
60 min price 35 EUR
o With Sports Pass physiotherapy with doctor's referral price 37 EUR.
0 With Sports Pass InBody-testing 15 EUR
o Firstbeat-analysis with Sports Pass price 119 EUR. More info:

Reservation by phone, tel. 020 734 2090 or email: (korvaa # -> @)

Please mention the Sports Pass when making the reservation. More information:
Classic Gym, Sotilaankuja 1, 90130 Oulu

60 min massage with Sports Pass price 35 EUR. (norm.40 EUR)

Reservation by phone 050 531 1145 or email heikkituukkanen(at)
Napteekki offers professional medical services in treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

Massages: with Sports Pass -10% discount.

Price list
Uusikatu 58 B 22, 90100 Oulu

The following prices with the Sports Pass (University Sports of Oulu):

30min 12 EUR (norm.16 EUR)
45min 16 EUR (20)
60min 20 EUR (24)
90min 28 EUR (34)
5h card 90 EUR (110)

Mon-Thu: at 8:30-11:30 and 16:00-20:00
Fri: at 12:00-15:30

- Reservation by phone, tel. 050 381 5778
- Please mention the Sports Pass when making the appointment and take it with a massage.
Teknologiantie 14 C 4, 90590 Oulu and
Kempeleentie 5, 90400 Oulu.

Massages: with Sports Pass -15% discount.

Website, price list and appointment:
or 040-7022245 / (korvaa # -> @)

Summer 2020 sports programme / Football (Soccer)

The soccer field (artificial grass) beside Oulu University Teacher Training School at Linnanmaa (Kaitoväylä 7) between 2.6.-24.9.2020.

Tue at 19.30-21.00 (for all)
Wed at 16.00-17.15 (only staff)
Thu at 19.30-21.00 (for all)

Own balls needed!

Summer 2020 sports programme / Martial arts


With Sports Pass (University Sports of Oulu):
12 months membership 35 EUR/month
6 months membership 45 EUR/month
1 month membership 55 EUR

More information: (korvaa # -> @)

Summer 2020 sports programme / Gyms (City of Oulu)

The price with the Sports Pass is only 1.8 EUR/time.

The gyms in Sports House (Urheilutalo) and Oulu Swimming Pool (Oulun uimahalli) in Raksila will be opened on 1.6.

The gyms in Raatti Swimming Pool (Raatin uimahalli) and Jatuli Sports Center will be opened on 3.8.

The gym in Linnanmaa Sports Hall will be opened on 7.9. and in Oulu Hall (Ouluhalli) 8.9.

Summer 2020 sports programme / Fitness boxing

Open fitness boxing shift for all who are interested in fitness boxing.
No advance registration.

Boxing gloves are provided by the instructor.

Equipment: indoor sports equipment, drinking bottle, towel and one euro coin for the locker. The coin is returned when the locker is opened.


Oulu Swimming Hall, Boxing hall, Raksila

Weekly Times

Wed 16:30 - 17:30 between 3.6.-29.7.2020.


Participation with the Sports Pass (OKKL)

Contact Person

Instructor Jimi Parkkinen, tel. 040 582 8037

Summer 2020 sports programme / Parachuting

Oulu Skydive Center ry.

Discount on the course fee with the Sports Pass.

Further information on starting dates and prices of the courses are available on the website of the club. Please remember to mention that you have a Sports Pass when registering.

Summer 2020 sports programme / Racket sports

Vellamontie 9 (Hietasaari)

Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table tennis, Squash 57 (earlier Racketball) and Padel: with the Sports Pass three (3) euros discount on the personal court fee/hour.
NOTE! Reservations by phone.

From Nallisport you can rent rackets.
Table tennis: rackets and balls are included in the price.

Please remember to sign your reservation to University Sports of Oulu joint list upon payment.
Reservations and price enquiries at tel. (08) 554 4508 (every day at 14-22) or at

Summer 2020 sports programme / OKKL own Gymnastic exercise

For these OKKL own gymnastic exercises you only need your Sports Pass for academic year 2019-20 or spring 2020.

TIMETABLE 1.6. – 31.7.

URHEILUTALO (Kuusiluodonkatu 15, Heinäpää)
Mon 17.00-18.00 Zumba/Satu Koivisto
Mon 19.00-20.00 Pump/Riikka Inget
Mon 20.00-21.00 Balance/Riikka Inget

Tue 15.30-16.30 Combet/Anelia Nedelcheva
Tue 19.30-20.30 Core&Stretch./Laura Vuorinen

Wed 17.00-18.00 Zumba/Riikka Isometsä
Wed 20.00-21.00 Abs-butt-thighs/Laura V.

Fri 15.00-16-00 Total training/Dimitar N.
Fri 16.00-17.00 Flowjooga/Dimitar Nedelchev

Sat 11.00-12.00 N.
Sat 12.00-13.00 Total body/Anelia Nedelcheva

Tue 17.30-19.00 Gym circuit/Riikka Inget
Tue 19.00-20.00 Gym training/instructor
Riikka on site

Mon 18.30-19.30 Sambic/Heidi Kilkki
Mon 19.30-20.30 Balance/Heidi Kilkki

Tue 18.30-19.30 Abs-butt-thighs/Veera
Tue 19.30-20.30 Total training/Kärkkäinen

Wed 17.00-18.00 Total training/Dimitar N.
Wed 18.00-19.00 Flowjooga/Dimitar Nedelchev

Thu 18.30-19.15 Hiit45/Iita Tiusanen
Thu 19.15-20.15 Vpr/Iita Tiusanen

AINOLA PARK (without Sports Pass)
Tue 17-18 Park gymnastics/Mahsa Marella
Tue 18-18.30 Park stretching/Modarress Julin
See more:

Class descriptions:

Summer 2020 sports programme / Park fitness training

On Tuesdays (2.6.-28.7.)
at 17.00-18.00 Park gymnastics
at 18.00-18.30 Park stretching

ATTENTION! If weather is rainy, class is cancelled!

Park of Ainola, behind Northern Ostrobothnia museum (Address: Ainolanpolku 1, Oulu) ATTENTION! Be on time; if the place is full, we go somewhere nearby :)

Mahsa Modarress

Free of charge for students and you don´t even need Sports Pass.

Summer 2020 sports programme / FitJog

FitJog by Jimi.

Starts in front of Linnanmaa sportshall
(Virkakatu 1).


Linnamaa sports hall surroundings

Weekly Times

Thu 17.15 - 18.15 between 4.6.-27.8.2020.


Participation with Sport Pass (OKKL)

Contact Person

Instructor Jimi Parkkinen tel. 040 582 8037

Summer 2020 sports programme / Tennis courses

Tennis courses (basic and advanced) in Nallisport between Tue 2.6.- Thu 4.6.2020
at 17.00-18.30 basic course
at 18.30-20.00 advanced course

Registration on net:

Summer 2020 sports programme / TFW


With Sport Pass 14 EUR discount per month!

More information:

Summer 2020 sports programme / Swimming pools

The price for swimming pools with Sports Pass (University Sports of Oulu) is 1,80 EUR.

Oulu swimming pool in Raksila will be opened on 1.6. (There are limits on the number of visitors and the saunas are not in use.)

Raatti swimming pool, Vesi-Jatuli swimming pool in Haukipudas and Zimmari in Kempele will be opened on 3.8.

Summer 2020 sports programme / Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate is as speedy team sport played with a frisbee where the game proceeds by serving the frisbee from a player to another. When the frisbee touches the ground, gets out of the play area or when the opponent interrupts the offence, the direction of the offence will change. A goal is made when a player of the offencive team catches the frisbee in opponent's goal area.

Ultimate shift on Wed at 20.00-21.15 between 3.6.-23.9. at the soccer field (artificial grass) of Oulu teacher training school (Kaitoväylä 7). Map:,25.4699081

More information:

Summer 2019 sports programme / WAKE and SUP

With Sports Pass WAKE and SUP and canoeing the price is 10 EUR.

Timetable in summer:

SUP (on Wed)
3.6., 17.6., 1.7., 15.7., 29.7., 12.8. and 26.8.

Canoeing (On Tue)
26.5., 9.6., 23.6., 7.7., 21.7., 4.8., 18.8. and 1.9.

Wakeboarding (On Wed)
10.6., 24.6., 8.7., 22.7., 5.8., 19.8. and 2.9.

WAKE starts at 17.00 and SUP and canoeing at 18.00

Registration: and

You will get information about kite boarding later.

More information: (korvaa # -> @) / 041-4338602

Summer 2020 sports programme / Private gyms

Liikuntakeskus Voitto
Tyrnäväntie 16 90400 OULU (Terminaali)
Tel. 044-9880777
(mon-wed at 16-19 and thu at 13-19) (korvaa # -> @)
With Sports Pass Voitto Summer Card (18.5.-6.9.) price 49 euros includes Gymnastic exercise and gyms training!

CrossFit Oulu
Alasintie 3-7
90400 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)
Tel. 040 152 3247
With Sports Pass monthly 62 EUR

CrossFit Routa
Kaarnatie 14
90530 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)
Tel. 044 3357963, 040 8468184
With Sports Pass membership for one year 55 EUR/month

Kuntosali Classic Gym Oulu
Sotilaankuja 1
Tel. 044 551 0887
With Sports Pass:
- 3 month season 90 EUR
- 1 month season 40 EUR
- 10 times ticket 50 EUR
- first time is free

Liikuntakeskus Hukka
Isokatu 99, 90120 Oulu
Tel. 08 4152 2000 (korvaa # -> @)
With Sports Pass membership (gym+gymnastic exercises+racquet sports) for one year (gym+gymnastic exercises) 54 EUR/month and sign-up fee 0 EUR.

Hukka Xpress Alppila
Kaarnatie 14, 90530 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)
tel. 08 4152 2025
With Sports Pass membership (only gym) 15 EUR/month and sign-up fee 0 EUR.

Hukka Xpress Rotuaari
Kauppurienkatu 12, 90100 Oulu (korvaa # -> @)
tel. 08 4152 2025
With Sports Pass membership (only gym) 15 EUR/month and sign-up fee 0 EUR.

Liikuntakeskus Oz MAX
Kaakkurinkulma 4, 90410 Oulu
Tel. 044 775 3010 (korvaa # -> @)
With Sports Pass:
- MAX membership (gym+gymnastic exercises) 39 EUR/month
- GYM membership (only gym) 29 EUR/month

Toimintasali Voimala
Kempeleentie 5, 90400 Oulu
With Sports Pass:
Monthly payment 25 EUR