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Yang&yin Yoga / Riikka B. Course number: 3856
The class consists of classical asanas that are suitable for most. An hour is combined with slow and Astanga yoga. Slow yoga moves looking for the right alignment of the asana. A yoga class can be a flow-type or a somewhat more peaceful hour, so as the asana duration increases, muscle resistance develops. According to the breath, imports seek asana to relax and seek to optimize energy consumption.

Code 5926 # opens the door.
Oulu Swimming Hall (Exercise Hall) - Map
Weekly Times:
mon 20:00 - 21:00
Attendance with the Sports Pass, no pre-registration.
Contact Person:
Instructor Riikka Bergdahl
Course Time:
2.9.2019 - 10.5.2020
Canceled on Christmas break 16.12.2019- 6.1.2020 and 13.4.2020 (Easter).

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