Sports Academy of Oulu

Universities of Oulu and Oulu Vocational College are both part of the Sports Academy of Oulu (OSUA), a collaboration network that helps combine studying and a sports careers. The Academy provides support services and the possibility to participate in morning training sessions where a trainer is present. The athletes are provided support with their studies with the help of personal study plans. The Academy of Sport is meant for students who compete at or who aim towards Finnish Championship level in their age group.

Services for Students

The PRO services have been developed with professional training in mind. Through the Academy the athlete is given the possibility to participate in morning training sessions on weekdays. Moreover, members of the Academy can use the city of Oulu sports facilities free of charge and are able to use the health and testing services of our collaborators for affordable prices.

The EDU services are organized by the affiliated schools. They provide personal study and training plans and flexible teaching arrangements. Different schools offer different services.

The purpose of the TEAM services is to bring together the different interest groups around the athlete and build a network and sets of practices to combine sports and studying.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

At the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) the athletes studies are supported with the help of a study and training plan (HOVS) created in collaboration with the coaches, the sports planning officer, study counselor and a teacher tutor. The personal plan enables the student to find time for the everyday activities of an athlete and to avoid clashes in study and sports schedules. The HOVS meetings are scheduled when necessary. The OUAS eHOPS system is used as a supporting method for the discussions.

The most recent athlete support service for OUAS students is the protege athlete system, which enables collaboration between the athletes, their sports club and OUAS. Collaboration can be based on sponsorship, representation or offering a sports service, for instance. Academy athletes can present their own suggestions for collaboration models to OUAS each year. The collaboration between OUAS and the tutor athlete has not been specifically defined; instead, the athlete and his/her club have been given freedom to express their wishes. One of the aims of the collaboration is also to provide the athlete with financial support.

University of Oulu

Tips for students to combine academic studies and a sports career:
  • Check the teaching schedules. Are the same courses offered during both autumn and spring terms? Can you choose a time that suits you better?
  • Find out which courses are compulsory and what the attendance requirements are.
  • Courses that are held during your trips, camps and promotional duties can be challenging. Contact your teacher in order to discuss flexible sudy arrangements, alternative ways to complete the courses and leeway with course and practice group teaching schedules. Inform the teacher about the reasons why you are asking for special arrangements.
If you want to use different, alternative methods to complete the course, present your ideas to the course convener.
  • In addition to this, find out if you can include sports or training-related units in your studies (e.g. practice works or projects).
  • Find out if your degree includes a traineeship period and whether you can complete your traineeship or parts of it by participating in the activities of the Academy of Sport and/or make use of your expertise in sports training, your own proficiency and past activities in your traineeship period. Discuss this with the person responsible for the traineeship.
  • At the Open University at the University of Oulu you can study general studies and basic and subject studies and have them included in your degree (as per specified in your respective field and its practices). Studies in the Open University are liable to charge, and the fees vary per subject and the extent of the package.


The Oulu Region Academy of Sport is meant primarily for students who have won Finnish Championship medals in their respective age groups or who aim toward competing at that level. The application process for students of Oulu UAS and the University of Oulu is as follows:
  1. The athlete applies to the Oulu UAS or the University of Oulu as usual.
  2. After the student has been accepted to the school and s/he has informed the school that s/he will be attending the school, the student can apply to the Academy of Sport.
  3. The student must fill out the application form, which can be found at the Oulu Region Academy of Sport web site.
  4. The application is processed in the academy collaboration meeting and the athlete will be informed about the decision personally.

Oulu Vocational College

For more information please contact sports coordinator
Mr. Antti Puotiniemi
tel. 050 3816 911