Sports Pass

The Sports Pass functions as an entrance ticket to sports services, training sessions as well as other welfare services.

The pass also gives you certain discounts on some course fees and on services provided by our cooperating partners. The Pass is personal and may not be loaned to any other person.

You can set the validity of the pass to run for either one semester, or for the entire academic year. If you purchase a Pass for the entire academic year or spring, the Pass can also be used to participate in summer sports activities.

Purchase a Sports Pass to participate in the sports activities provided by the University Sports of Oulu.



The Sports Pass

  • 48 EUR / Academic year (1.9.–31.8.)
  • 28 EUR / Autumn semester (1.9.–31.12.)
  • 31 EUR / Spring semester (1.1.–31.8.)
  • 15 EUR / Summer (13.5.–31.8.)

Payments include 10 % VAT.
The Sports Pass cannot be paid by sports/culture vouchers.

Sports Courses

Each course has its own pricing depending on the type or duration. The Sports Pass enables cheaper rates. Courses can also be accessed without a Pass, however the registration is still required. Courses can be found in the Sports Opportunities section and each course has more detailed information on content, location, prices and payment methods.

Supply of Partners

We have negotiated good discounts on our partners' offerings like one-time, monthly, seasonal and exercise courses, as well as exercise equipment. Lower prices are available with the Sports Pass. Discounts are listed in the detailed information of each sport/course. Payments are handled directly by the organizing party.


Payment Instructions and Pick-up Points


University of Oulu

Enrolled university of Oulu students and university staff members can buy the Sports Pass.

There are 2 possibilities to purchase a Sports Pass:

  1.  The Sports Pass is an electronic Cardu card, that you can purchase for your smartphone via the University's webstore: (Log in with Oulu University credentials). The free Cardu card app can be downloaded from your smartphone's (Android and Apple iOS) app store, and the card will appear on your smartphone within 24 hours after you have purchased your Sports Pass.

    When purchasing your Sports Pass, please make sure to enter your mobile phone number in an international format (e.g. +358 40 1234567). Do not use a speed dial number (that begins with 48) or a state administration number (that begins with 029). The Sports Pass is delivered to a smartphone number, that has been provided in an international format.
  2.  If you don´t want to purchase  a Sports Pass for your smartphone, you can purchase a Sports Pass sticker for your Student Card, Staff ID Card or personal ID card. You can purchase it (in cash or with bank card) from Student Union Office, University of Oulu in Linnanmaa. Situation and office hours:

If you want to get the Sports Pass sticker from the Faculty of Medicine, please contact the carataker office (Aapistie 5A). They will give you the bank account number for your Sports Pass payment and the Sports Pass sticker after payment.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Ouas), Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) and Osekk

You can pay the Sports Pass via net bank.

After payment you can get your Sports Pass right away from the following locations:

  • Linnanmaa campus: OSAKO´s office, Yliopistokatu 9, 90570 Oulu, 5D wing´s 2nd floor
  • Kontinkangas campus: Student Association OSASTO´s office

Oulu Vocational College

More information:

Mr. Antti Puotiniemi
antti.puotiniemi (at)
tel. 050 381 6911


Other Universities

  • 68 EUR / Academic year (1.9.–31.8.)
  • 38 EUR / Autumn semester (1.9.–31.12.)
  • 41 EUR / Spring semester (1.1.–31.8.)
  • 25 EUR / Summer (13.5.–31.8.)

More information: sports (at)